Freshwater Lakes

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Freshwater Lake

Freshwater lakes and bodies of water are found on any map in Beasts of Bermuda. In order to drink, a player must stand near a body of freshwater and hold the use keybind. All players gain thirst at the same rate while drinking from a body of freshwater. The water level in any freshwater source will drop while it is being drunk from. The larger the creature, the faster the water level drops.

It is quite possible for freshwater bodies to become exhausted and empty, thus providing little, if any, further benefit to nearby creatures seeking to quench their thirst. This mechanic was designed as a feedback mechanism in which congregation around one particular source of water would yield it empty, thus requiring players to seek water elsewhere, utilizing more of the map. In general, larger bodies of freshwater drop in level slower than smaller bodies. Puddle lakes can vanish almost instantly, whereas large bodies of freshwater can support many more thirsty creatures. All freshwater lakes refill at the same rate, slowly over time, up to their original fullness. Rainy weather will tremendously increase the rate at which freshwater bodies of water refill.

Mosasaurus stranded by an Apatosaurus deliberately drinking the lake dry.

Deliberately emptying freshwater sources can be a tactic used to deliberately distress other creatures in Beasts of Bermuda via resource exhaustion, as one can keep drinking even when they need no water. The Apatosaurus, in particular, is profoundly adept at both holding its own thirst for long periods of time and drinking down freshwater sources rapidly. This can also be used as a means to beach lurking aquatic creatures who have wandered into a freshwater system.