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What is Beasts of Bermuda?

Beasts of Bermuda is a multiplayer game hosting large servers in which the player becomes a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature. The player becomes part of a living, player-created ecosystem. The ultimate objective is to survive on one of the islands within Bermuda, an enigmatic island chain constantly threatened by fierce storms and haunted by ancient beasts. Hunger, thirst, stress, and predation constantly threaten your survival.

What is the Objective of Beasts of Bermuda?

Currently our game only has one mode of play, Free Roam. In this mode, the player can select any creature to play as without cost or punishment for death. In this mode, the objective is what you make of it. There are many different objectives players frequently take on, be it achieving a high score, taking down others in combat, exploring the map, or herding up and socializing. This mode offers a relaxed atmosphere in which the player can do as they wish. We've been discussing additional game modes due to interest and feedback among our community ,and we have a few ideas we would like to implement.

  • Life-cycle based leveling in which the player starts as a juvenile of any species they wish and continues to grow, becoming more powerful over time in a multiplayer environment. This mode would likely be coupled with a talent or skillpoint-based system, in which the player becomes more powerful in ways they can choose.
  • Merit-based system in which the player earns the right to play increasingly powerful creatures by earning survival points. Well-fed, hydrated, and comfortable creatures gain survival points much more rapidly in such a system.
  • Combat-based system in which a player must successfully hunt and kill other players in order to gain the right to play larger and more powerful creatures. Here, risk vs reward will very much be a factor as the larger the foe you down, the more reward you will gain.

Regardless of the selected mode of play, many different challenges are always present on the islands of Bermuda that threaten survival. One must find food in order to survive. Different animals the player can choose from have different means of obtaining food. Some are carnivores, needing to hunt and eat other players to survive. Other creatures are herbivores, and thus have a more peaceful means of eating. Piscivores are a mix, being capable of eating other players, or eating fish for survival.

Thirst is another element of survival in Beasts of Bermuda. A need as simple as visiting lakes can become very difficult under certain conditions. Lakes can be drunk dry. Due to depleting water sources and competition, the hunt for water may not be easy during certain times. While not currently in-game, droughts are planned.

Storms are a major threat to survival. These events are much more than just graphics, as rain, wind, lightning, and surging seas can turn an island paradise into chaos.

Where is Beasts of Bermuda in its development?

Beasts of Bermuda began development on January 16th, 2017. Currently, the game offers a fully functional game world with many combat mechanics and map-based survival elements already in place. Make no mistake, our game is still pre-release and is still very much under development. Future development will likely focus on expanding our playable creature roster, improving the quality of our graphics, models, and general assets, and then implementing additional game modes beyond Free Roam.

What creatures are planned to be playable?

Currently, one can play as the following creatures in Beasts of Bermuda:

It is likely the following creatures will be playable due to our interest in expanding the niches available to players in Beasts of Bermuda. Many of these animals are selected due to their unique niches or ability to utilize certain gameplay mechanics. Many are piscivores, aquatics, flying creatures, or semiaquatic animals.

  • Deinosuchus, Sarcosuchus, or another large Crocodilian
  • Thalassodromaeous, or another large, crested Pterosaur
  • Austroraptor, or another piscivorous Dromaeosaurid
  • A member of Ichthyosauria
  • Lurdusaurus, or another semiaquatic Hadrosaur

What is unique about Beasts of Bermuda?

Beasts of Bermuda offers the experience of playing in unique niches as aquatic, flight-based, or terrestrial creatures. Piscivores offer a different lifestyle to traditional carnivores, the creatures of which are often very adept at swimming, even if also quite capable on land.

It also offers unique map elements. Whether you're exploring a cave while taking shelter from a storm, watching the tide drop to safely cross to a new island, or migrating to avoid a forest fire or depleted watering hole, the map is always changing and the world is alive.

The playable creatures in Beasts of Bermuda all have unique abilities that differentiate them from others. Some can grab, others can pounce and latch. Some can sense a weak opponent or warn a herd of a lurking predator, and others can climb to escape danger. Every animal is different in Beasts of Bermuda, very much so, and a lot of effort has been put in to ensure every creature added fulfills a unique niche.

A unique resource in the form of comfort offers a totally new way to design mechanics and shape gameplay. Carnivores in close proximity to herbivores will stress each other out, resulting in various gameplay disadvantages or even death should the stress become extreme. Carnivores are only comforted by their own kind, becoming stressed in the prolonged presence of different species. Map elements, in particular storms and massive storm surges, will also cause stress. Maintaining a low level of stress (we call it comfort) is a major aspect of survival in Beasts of Bermuda.

Why does Beasts of Bermuda need a Kickstarter?

Beasts of Bermuda needs funds to commission and contract professionals for services related to modeling, animating, sound creation, skin design, level design, and just overall improvements. Up to this point, the game has been created by Predatoria and Vipe, two indie developers focused on the coding behind the game, with freelance contribution from several contributors. Most of our current models are from asset stores and we want to replace them as our first Kickstarter goal with professional models. To bring our game to the next level of quality, we need to network with professionals in all departments of game design rather than just indefinitely coding more mechanics into the game, which requires funding neither of us can afford to do.

Will Beasts of Bermuda have singleplayer support, or will it strictly be a multiplayer game?

Beasts of Bermuda is being created as a multiplayer game. If a player wishes to do so, they can host a server and play alone, but multiplayer play is strongly encouraged.

What platforms will Beasts of Bermuda be available on?

Currently, Beasts of Bermuda only has Windows support as adding support for other operating systems is low on our priority list. In the future, MAC and Linux support will be added as well. Steam will be our method of distribution. Beasts of Bermuda is a PC game and will not function on consoles.

When will Beasts of Bermuda be released?

Beasts of Bermuda will enter Steam Early Access when it is ready to do so. We cannot give an ETA on when Beasts of Bermuda will be released yet.

Will there be Steam achievements?

Yes! I absolutely plan for achievements to be part of the game!

How much will Beasts of Bermuda Cost?

Beasts of Bermuda will very likely cost $20.00 and will be purchased on Steam.

How can I keep up with Beasts of Bermuda's development?

The best way to keep up with development is to join our Discord, as sometimes I get lazy and don't update the website regularly. Currently, most activity takes place here including links to our most recent test builds and patch notes.

Can I play Beasts of Bermuda?

Beasts of Bermuda was open for testing for all earlier in its development. As of recently, we have had secure our development builds from the public. The game was becoming too popular before its release and it was concerning us that it would spread rampantly prior to it being in a state we were comfortable with showing. Players who either donate a certain amount to the Kickstarter or are very helpful in the community will be able to play Beasts of Bermuda in its current state and become part of our group of dedicated testers. When the game is released onto Steam, it will be playable by all. To join our discord, follow the link here: