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The Apatosaurus is the largest animal in Beasts of Bermuda. It is a herbivore, surviving solely off the consumption of plants to satiate its hunger. It has the biggest belly of any animal in the game, being able to survive well over an hour without eating if it needs to. This big belly, however, is also difficult to fill, and requires consumption of significant amounts of foliage. The Apatosaurus is the most difficult creature to become overweight. It can also survive significant amounts of time without water, but when it does drink, it will very rapidly deplete any lake it is drinking from, thus the Apatosaurus can be a very effective animal for deliberately beaching any aquatic creatures taking an ambush position in a lake. It's size stat is also tremendously large, and it has the highest HP, but it is also the slowest animal in the game. It is the only animal in the game to possess the ability to destroy and consume class 5 foliage such as large trees.

The Apatosaurus' primary attack is a stomp. It rears up onto its hind legs momentarily, and then stomps with its front limbs. If anything is nearby, it will take a very heavy amount of damage. The only creature capable of surviving this stomp is another Apatosaurus. This attack, however, also can make you vulnerable as movement is not allowed during the stomp attack.

The Apatosaurus also has a much more potent secondary attack, which is its tail whip attack. This attack should be the primary means of defense for the Apatosaurus. The execution of this attack is a bit different than others, as the attack is actually initiated when the Secondary Attack Keybind (Default is Right Mousebutton) is released, rather than when it is pressed. While the button is held, the Apatosaurus' tail will aim in the direction of the player's camera. When released, the tail will crack like a whip, dealing lots of damage and applying knockback. Implementation of this mechanic was not an easy task, and a development blog on the topic was written here.

The Apatosaurus possesses profound kbockback. If anything gets near its feet, they will be kicked quite far. The smaller the victim of its kick, the further it will be punted. The Velociraptor can be punted extremely far, often threatening it with significant fall damage.

The Apatosaurus is also capable of walking backwards, an ability granted solely to it such that it can utilize knockback on its hind legs to avoid a blindspot here where the tail cannot reach. In order to walk backwards, a player must press and hold the crouch keybind. This will knockback anything against the hind legs of the Apatosaurus, often into range of its deadly tail.

The Apatosaurus possesses the highest weather resistance of any terrestrial creature. It is also capable of granting some of its weather resistance to nearby herd members, an ability unique to it.