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Beasts of Bermuda is an open world survival, where you as the player take control of your very own prehistoric creature, whether aquatic, aerial or land bound. With control in hand, your goal is to survive, to thrive. With the ability to customize the details of your dinosaur, down to every tint of color, you remain unique compared to others.

  • The game is currently in development, gaining new assets and mechanics pretty much daily!
  • The game is currently being developed by Predatoria and Vipe. Predatoria is a veteran carnotaur player on the game "The Isle". Great experiences in this game sparked his desire to found and develop the game Beasts of Bermuda. Vipe is an aspiring digital artist with a passion for paleontology and dinosaurs and has done some wonderful art. He’s a veteran player of Primal Carnage (Original) and has a particular liking for playing the Pteranodon. Needless to say, he can’t wait to implement our Pteranodon into Beasts of Bermuda!.

There are also many contributors for Beast of Bermuda.

  • Rune

Rune is a friend and artist who has enjoyed play-testing our game during its early stages. She has created some beautiful skins for our game, including her favorite, the Pod Mosasaurus!

  • Kaala

Our buddy Kaala created some very beautiful skins for Beasts of Bermuda. She is a great artist, and managed to get the raptor feathering detail just perfect on the Canadian Goose Raptor!

  • Misha

Our friend and artist Misha has created some great skins for the game! Her personal favorite is the Stalker of the Shallows Mosasaurus!

  • BananaBae

BananaBae is a friend and an artist who has been supporting us since day one. She’s created loads of awesome concept art including our logo and a lot of our icons on this page!

  • HungryEye

HungryEye is a friend and specializes in creating sounds and audio. He’s supported us by creating several sounds for our Acrocanthosaurus as well as creating our title screen music!

  • Kittems

Kittems, the owner of Ottermatic Dev. is a genius of a web developer and created this entire website setup! Predatoria filled in the content, but couldnt’ve done it without him. He’s super awesome.

  • Omnomnomnivore

Omnomnomnivore is another friend and artist who’s supported Beasts of Bermuda. She created our first custom Parasaurolophus skin, and has been dabbling in modeling lately!

  • Sinopia

Sinopia is a goddess of Depth. She’s a buddy I met while playing The Isle and is a mindblowingly fantastic PvPer. She has been supporting Beasts of Bermuda, and created our first Acrocanthosaurus skin!

  • Synopsis

Synopsis is a friend and an indie developer himself! He’s the lead developer on Primal Instincts and created our carcass model!