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The Megalosaurus is a medium-sized, playable carnivore in Beasts of Bermuda. It is very fast, currently being only slower than the Parasaurolophus while on land. It has a rather heavy-hitting bite that can rapidly do damage. Its health and size are medium. It is capable of running and chasing down most other creatures in the game, but must be wary as it has a reduced stamina pool.

Both its primary and secondary attacks are a standard, basic bite. One hits forwards, whereas the other strikes downwards.

It is capable of jumping, but only a very short distance. This allows it to avoid getting stuck or snagged on some terrain areas, but offers little advantage otherwise.

It has no weather resistance, and must take refuge from intense storms.

It also has a fast metabolism, and must regularly hunt to avoid starvation.

The Megalosaurus has a special ability. When the Ability keybind is held down, a cursor will appear on the screen. When it is released, the creature in the center of the cursor will be identified, allowing the Megalosaurus to see the current stats of its prey. This will portray the current Health, Stamina, Ability Power, Food, Water, and Comfort of its target. This ability consumes ability power, regardless of whether or not it hits anything.