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The Mosasaurus is a large, aquatic, playable creature in Beasts of Bermuda. It is the apex Carnivore of the sea, and a major terror at watering holes linked by cave networks to any significant body of water in which the Mosasaurus may spawn.

Its Primary Attack is a Bite. It is capable of biting rapidly for moderate damage. While grabbing small prey, the Mosasaurus will instead swallow the prey hole, gaining food. While grabbing larger prey, the Mosasaurus will instead thrash the prey for significant damage.

Its Secondary Attack is a grab, capable of grabbing most creatures, with the exclusion of Mosasaurus and Apatosaurus. If the Mosasaurus is already grabbing prey, using Secondary Attack once again will release the prey from its jaw.

The Mosasaurus and other aquatic creatures do not need to drink to survive.

Storms pose little threat to the Mosasaurus and other aquatic creatures due to their beneficial weather resistance stat.

The Mosasaurus is not a piscivore, and must rely mostly on predating on other players for its survival.