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A Pteranodon in Flight

The Pteranodon is currently the only flying creature in Beasts of Bermuda. It possesses the ability to fly. Its flight mechanics were inspired by the Primal Carnage Pteranodon, given this game's Pteranodon is highly regarded among many experienced players as being well-suited for combat. It was designed this way deliberately, over a more realistic flight system.

Its attacks are currently very straightforward, possessing both a forwards-aimed and a downwards-aimed peck as its primary and secondary attack. Unique to it, however, its attack damage is not constant. The faster the Pteranodon is flying, the more damage it will deal with its attacks. This is to reward more adept players who are capable of controlling the creature at faster flight speeds.

If the Pteranodon is struck during flight by a tree, rock, hillside, or by any terrestrial animal, it will be knocked out of the sky and into a crash. As a Pteranodon, being bitten or grabbed out of the sky by an agitated predator will usually be your death. Fly carefully.

The Pteranodon is frail, and will receive injury damage from any source. It also receives significant amounts of injury if it lands poorly or crashes. Injury damage will cause a poorer flight performance on the Pteranodon, as well as on other, future flyers. Accumulation of injury will both reduce the effectiveness of your sprint as well as pull down your nose. A Pteranodon who suffers a particularly hard crash may not be able to fly again for several minutes. They offer very easy prey for smaller creatures such as the Velociraptor when injured in this way.

The Pteranodon is very susceptible to weather due to its very poor weather resistance stat. Due to this, it must take refuge from even mild storms.

The Pteranodon may end up receiving the piscivorous trait, but it currently lacks this due to lack of animations for swimming and diving.