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Tripping occurs when a player runs too quickly for too long of a period of time. Typically, tripping will occur when a player has exceeded a certain speed threshold for longer than 0.5 seconds. The thresholds for these trips often range anywhere between 28% and 100% over the creature's sprint speed, and can only be achieved when running downhill to gain a speed boost.

Tripping thresholds are a balancing mechanic in Beasts of Bermuda that can allow some creatures to more easily navigate sloped terrain than others. Some animals have significantly more robust tripping theresholds than others, and can run very fast down hills without concern. Others must be careful sprinting downhill, as they trip easily. Notable examples of creatures with low tripping thresholds are the Megalosaurus and the Parasaurolophus, both animals that sport regularly fast sprint rates. More robust examples are the Utahraptor and the Velociraptor, which both have a very high threshold for tripping. They can easily navigate rough terrain without much concern for tripping.

When a trip occurs, the mechanics behind it are that the player will lose control of their character for 4 seconds and enter physics mode, in which they tumble down a hill. They will take 25% injury damage and lose an equal share of their HP. A trip can easily result in a predator catching its prey, or result in prey escaping a predator. The injury damage ensures the creature that has tripped is significantly slower than before. It also grants a window of time in which the pursuing player can catch up. A player who has tripped is also vulnerable to predators that may not have attempted attacking before due to speed differentials. An example of this is Utahraptor vs Megalosaurus, in which one animal who is regularly faster now becomes slower, and thus weak against the former.

Tripping is also incurred when a flyer hits an obstruction or is struck while in flight. The mechanics behind this are slightly different, given it is initiated by a different cause. The injury is also not always 25% when the trip is incurred due to a flight-related crash. Injury is granted to the crashing flyer based on the impact velocity. If the impact is sufficiently hard, a death will result from the crash. When a flyer crashes, it will fall out of the sky with its wings collapsed, unable to control its descent until it lands flat on the ground. Due to this mechanic, a flyer must be very cautious when attacking any ground-based creature. Being brought out of the sky and incurring resulting injury can easily be the death of a flyer.