Beasts of Bermuda is a multiplayer game hosting large servers in which the player grows up as dinosaur or other prehistoric creature. The player becomes part of a living, player-created ecosystem. The ultimate objective is to survive on one of the islands within Bermuda.

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About the Game


You have to constantly be on the alert and manage your resources to stay alive.


Run wild with your friends! Dedicated servers available through PingPerfect.

15+ Dinosaurs

Play as an herbivore, carnivore, aquatic, or flying creature. Each with unique playstyles.

Weather System

Randomized weather with thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, and more.


Start a nest with other players - genetic & social system, eggs, and gender support.

Skin Customization

Customize the color and appearance of your dinosaur.

Talent System

Talents to customize your particular dinosaur. Balanced for PvP.

Interactive Environment

Pick up plants, carcasses, and move them around the world

Biomes & Maps

Multiple playable maps and different biomes to experience

Developers who Care

This game is made by developers who will not let this game die in Early Access!

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